Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr and Mrs Caleb Osborne

Well, for all of my blog fans out there, I would like to start with an apology for not keeping you posted on what has been going on in my life. I know it was rude of me, but well, I think that you will understand.

Where to begin...

Oh yah, see, I got married January 9th. But, first, lets back up.

Here is the rough timeline of where I have been.

{Skip October, November, and half of December - they went too fast, I don't remember them anyway}

Dec. 17 - My birthday. I turned 25 and my insurance rates plummeted.

Dec. 19 - Ellie's birthday, but I missed it because Stephanie graduated from A&M.... WHOOP!

Dec. 21 - Move out of my apartment and head to Dallas for one long roadtrip.

Dec. 25 - Jesus' birthday

Dec. 26 - make the lonely trek to Little Rock by myself. When I returned to Dallas, it would be to get married.

Dec. 29-Jan. 7 - Spend the better part of my two week Christmas vacation cutting down a tree with Papa. Oh and it was really cold

Jan. 8 - Whirlwind day. Left Little Rock in the wee hours of the morning with the temperature coming in at 12 degrees. Actually tried to stop at Starbucks, but the pipes were frozen... Caravan with none other than Van Thompson and Christopher P. Danforth. Epic. Picked Danny up at DFW and grabbed lunch at Chuy's in Dallas where we convinced the waitress to give us temporary tattoos of Elvis (True Story). That night was the wedding rehearsal and my final cigar as a single man...

Jan. 9 - Wedding Day. After a lovely breakfast at IHOP, managed to be late to the church for pictures and had to put on my tux as I walked into the building - it inspired tremendous confidence in everyone. Fortunately, everything went off without a hitch and we were married.

{Sidebar} I would like to clear up a few things here. First, I did not kiss Stephanie with just a peck. I was just tasteful. I kissed just the right amount. Second, yes, it is true. My name was misspelled on the unity candle.

Jan. 10 - headed off to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. Landed just in time to be whisked to the cruise ship - Princess Cruises. The world's largest collection of upper middle aged vacationers I have ever been around.

Jan. 10 - 17 - Honeymoon - We had a great time. Our boat stopped at St. Thomas, Tortola, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. It was fantastic. Nice and warm. Plenty of Sunburn. I swam with turtles. It was a deeply spiritual experience. Oh, and Stephanie and I had a great time.

Jan. 18 - Robert E. Lee/Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Finally a day off! moved to College Station and got my game face on.

Jan. 19 - present - I am not sure all that has gone on. Pretty much I have been extremely busy with school, work, and learning to be a husband. I really enjoy the latter.

I will do better to keep this thing updated more often.

Stay classy...